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Elf no Wakaokusama

respauto.ru Elf no Wakaokusama

Also known as The Elven Bride. Follow along now: we've got a human (male, of course) and an elf (female, of course) and they want to get married. Naturally, this isn't going to go as planned... and it seems that we're in for some lessons on biology before we're done with this one.

So, they may have lots of love between them, but elf-wife Milfa and her human-hubby Kenji are still having considerable... um... trouble in the bedroom. So, after her husband trots off on his daily journey, Milfa sets off on a quest of her own!

Unfortunately, the only doctor in the entire Kingdom who specializes in Milfa's problem is more than just lecherous... he's an incubus! Still, our courageous heroine is willing to take any risk if it means improved marital relations, so she daringly ventures forth to visit the examining room of doom!

The elf-examination turns into a nightmare, however, when it turns out that the doctor wants more that Milfa's insurance card! Things are looking mighty grim for brave young lass, but, with a little help from a sexy succubus, heroic Kenji may still arrive in the nick of time to save his elven spouse...

Elf no Wakaokusama Episode 2

Added: Jul 11th, 2019
  • 17

Elf no Wakaokusama Episode 1

Added: Jul 11th, 2019
  • 24

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