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Jukujo Shigan

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Our protagonist, Masaru is living at home, studying for college entrance exams after two years worth of failed attempts, and struggling with the unbearable lusts of youth. Then Shizue, a gorgeous, attractive mature lady, moves in next door. They often pass by one another in town, and Shizue always shows him a gentle smile. Masaru falls hopelessly in love with Shizue and fantasizes about her. He studies alone in his room, and late one night, a crack of light and the sound of heavy breathing spill from an open window next door. Masaru's curiosity gets the better of him. He leaves his house, creeps toward the light, and takes a peek. There he sees Shizue at her lewdest! She's being tied up and tormented by her own husband!!

Jukujo Shigan Episode 1

Added: Jul 7th, 2018
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