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Tsun M! Gyutto Shibatte Shidoushite The Animation

FreeHentaiStream.com Tsun M! Gyutto Shibatte Shidoushite The Animation

"What the fuck is this...!"

In front of me is laid out, like a public execution, a dirty magazine and porn films... not to mention SM type stuff. Bondage and spanking, mouth gags and the sort... Wait, why SM!? In front of me is Saki, my student and my girlfriend. I thought she was going to hit me, but she sticks a towel in front of my face. A towel in place of a fist... I get excited at what is going to happen to me as she scowls at me. She then falls onto to the bed.

"Hurry up and do it... Tie me up with that towel...!"

... What? Uh... what? WHAT?? Saki suddenly gets into a position as she orders me, her face all red.

"You want to do stuff like this don't you!? Then ti-tie me up and fuck me then...!!"

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